Canadian Medical


Expand your reach in Vietnam.

Why Work with Canadian Medical Distribution?

Access to Largest Distribution

Network in Vietnam

Trained Salesforce

for Retail Entry

Support in Obtaining

Product Approvals

​We have the channels to get your products to customers. By working with both public and private distribution partners, we can get your product anywhere in the country and through the most cost efficient channel.

We work directly with the sales teams from our distribution partners. This enables us to test your products in the sales channels and gather customer feedback. We are successful when you are successful.

We are experienced in navigating the certification and approval processes to sell your products in Vietnam. We will work with  you to get your product sales ready for Vietnam.

What We Offer

We have an extensive distribution network, covering 21,000 retail spaces.

Our in-country Sales team gathers continual feedback to educate retailers.

Our in-country Marketing team designs and customizes 'something' for your products. 

We have experience in navigating the certification process to get your product into the hands of consumers.

What We Look For in a Partner

  • Develops its own proprietary formulas

  • Manufactures its products in Canada

  • Has a product selection that provides health benefits in some of the following areas: immune, heart & circulatory, vision, prenatal, and children

  • Experience distributing internationally

  • Looking to scale internationally